4 x Dentinol ® – Dental Powder

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Dental powder made of only natural…

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Dental powder made of only natural ingredients. It is an effective product for oral hygiene that whitens teeth, freshens breath and protects gums. Its fast acting bactericidal and anti-fermentation power (camphor, salt, thymol, carvacrol, aromatic plants) fights bad breath due to the action of micro-organisms, tobacco and food. Regular use of this dental powder helps to maintain bacterial equilibrium in the mouth and provides a long lasting sensation of buccal freshness (mint, heracleum, myrobalan, menthol, estragon). It increases the blood circulation of the buccal tissues (black pepper) and intervenes in cases of gumboils. It also has a bio-stimulating and cell regenerating action (farnesol). Brushing regularly with Dentinol® helps keep gums healthy, it cleanses the dental crown (calcium carbonate, alum, ginger), helps eliminate tartar and whiten teeth.

-Format: 4×40 g
-External Use Only

Additional information

Weight 220 g
Dimensions 38 × 152 × 83 mm


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