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Developing and preparing quality skin care products is a tradition that continues at Dr. MEHRAN® with two new products much in demand; Dr. Mehran® Body Milk and Foaming Body Scrub.

It is with pleasure that we present them to you :

Dr. Mehran® Body Milk:
Prepared with a complex of vegetal extracts containing Arnica, Artichoke, Hamamelis, Witch Hazel, Ivy and Groundsel as well as Aloe Vera, Sweet Almond oil and Allantoin, this soft and silky body milk revives and brightens all skins in need of moisture and suppleness.
Dr. Mehran® Body Milk has specially been prepared for the skin of the body, including hands and feet, and may be used as often as necessary. A thin layer is applied and absorbed easily without leaving residues. Its natural and delicate fragrance, sweet red apple essential oil, is pleasant and non invasive.
Since its launch, Dr. Mehran® Body Milk has become one of our best sellers. It is the indispensable body moisturizer, after the bath, shower or whenever the time is right.

Dr. Mehran® Foaming Body Scrub:
To rid the skin of the body from dead cells and other impurities that may asphyxiate and make it look dull and lifeless, we have created a body scrub made with apricot seeds powder that foams generously on the body parts we wish to exfoliate.
You may use it as it is or, preferably, in the shower to increase the foaming effect of the product. The delicate natural scent of sweet red apple essential oil makes the use of this scrub a charm, an experience you will enjoy and repeat often.
After a couple of minutes of gentle and circular massage, the skin becomes soft and silky, ready to receive the actives of the Body Milk. The combined use of these two great products constitute a well deserved treat.

-External Use
-Format: 2 Tube of 200 g
-No Animal Testing.
-Made in Canada

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Weight 486 g
Dimensions 80 × 75 × 184 mm


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