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This new treatment against mycosis! OnychoSensé…

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This new treatment against mycosis! OnychoSensé® is a mix of essential oils that favor the elimination of mycosis which in turn gives new life to the health of your nails. With OnychoSensé, nails become white again and regain their aesthetic look. It should be used every day, morning and night, on nails in need of treatment alongside a footbath with Apple Cider Vinegar Crystals for best results.


Apply one drop on the tip of the nail of each toe, morning and night, for one week. After a week, the treatment should be limited to the nails that still require attention. Discipline and diligence are essential to the success of this treatment given that mycoses are easy to get but difficult to get rid of.

-Format: 15 ml

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 17 × 18 × 12 mm


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